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I am in Love

We didn’t think it would happen so quickly after the break-up. Nope, I didn’t think I stood a chance. Where did it happen, how could it be? you wonder curiously.

Like all true love stories, it happened when I least expected it. I didn’t want to go out, was feeling lazy and definitely didn’t want to meet anyone new, old or friendly. But I was invited to this thing, this art opening at Galleria Bonomo,, and that’s where it happened. I met the latest LOML, love of my life.

When: Tuesday night
Where: via Portico dell’Ottavia, 13

Who is it? The big painting with the horses by Shahzia Sikander

Openings this week that I may go to:

Friday 6 October, 6 pm
Tommaso Cascella, Teatro
Rosso 20sette
via d’Ascanio, 27 (by via della Scrofa)

Saturday 7 October
Tullio Pericoli, i ritratti di Beckett
Tricromia Gallery
via di Panico 76 (near my favorite gelateria, by Ponte Angelo)

Saturday 7 October 6pm
Tracey Emin
Lorcan O’Neill
1E Via Orti di Alibert (Trastevere)

Other openings I missed:

Accademia di Francia

Jean-Pascal Imsand
Istituto Svizzero di Roma

4 comments on “I am in Love

  1. am chuffed you like her. she’s a friend of a friend’s from New York, and is supposed to be très cool.

  2. um. i meant Shahzia Sikander, of course… (i was once in a magazine with her, you know — see i’ll stop self-referencing now.

  3. Stumbled on your blog I got curious because I couldn’t see a horse in the painting you posted. I had to go to the artist website to find it (just google her name).I like it a lot too. I’m not an expert of art at all, but there’s something I like about. The feeling it gives me is like when you want to get rid of something that is making you and your life haevy, limiting your ability to run free. And the horse looks like he’s going to get rid of it. There’s a positive message in it. But, again, what do I know?Nice blog, btw. I loved the pussy pudding post…Salutami Roma. Dille che non mi manca per niente…

  4. you dont miss rome?probably from living on the beach all the time….the paintings are beautiful. makes me feel like i am in a little fantasy world, child’s play, etc.

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