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Reading is Good

I always look forward to the Festa delle Letterature where for a few hours on a balmy evening, I can listen to excerpts from great books while chilling like a rock star (yes, it feels like rock-n-roll) in the Basilica di Massenzio, Foro Romano.

Last year, one of the big names at the event was Zadie Smith, who has been living near Campo de’ Fiori for the past several months. This year, Isabel Allende, Scott Turow, Vikram Chandra and several more authors will be in Rome, discussing their novels.

I have a hankering for some Turow.

5 comments on “Reading is Good

  1. Yeah yeah yeah.I saw her at Kiki Smith’s show last fall and was very excited. I saw her a month ago walking down via dei Cappellari (off Campo)with her husband (maybe?), I was thrilled. And then last night, someone casually mentioned, “yeah, zadie said there was music playing the entire time she read at the Festival”. I was a bit non-plussed because that kind of name dropping brought me back to LA. Was I supposed to say “Zadie Who?” or just shrug it off?

  2. LOL. Did that person actually know Zadie? You are correct that is very L.A. I would have said “Really? I loved the article on Zadie in Vogue. did you see it?”

  3. that article was totally cool – i still have one full page shot of her up on my board here a the office – she glares out at me. gorgeous and so talented. short story in last week’s NYer that might be online – not sure i read the mag on the subway.

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