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A few weeks ago, Nolita unveiled the No Anorexia campaign: the stark image of very nude and anorexic model. The uproar was immediate—traffic stopping in Milan. Even though Livia Turco, Ministero della Salute, said it would “promote responsibility towards the problem of anorexia”, a tsunami of criticism flooded the press— the ad has been called disgusting, ugly, horrific, frightening, glorifying and encouraging (to anorexics acolytes).

I wondered if and where they would put the ad in Rome. Centro? Vatican? EUR? I was surprised to find it buried between some circus posters and concert ads on Via Aurelia, almost unnoticeable in the always unattractive via Aurelia panorama. And cleverly, model Isabelle Caro is also lounging above Prati’s favorite shopping road, Via Cola di Rienzo, catty-corner to Caffe Pelacchia.

Does the ad shock me? Yes, Caro is sickeningly anorexic- 31 kg (4 stone 12lb; 68 lbs). Her drawn-on freckles suggest that perhaps her body is exaggerated as well—but it’s not. Caro’s anorexia is a Fact. And obviously something that is so repulsive that the on Friday, October 19, the Istituto di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria censured the ads, ordering them to be taken down– citing, in particular, the ad in Rome (on via Cola di Rienzo, see photo above). What about the ad on Via Aurelia?

Who is responsible for the ad campaign? Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani — remember the United Colors of Benetton ads? Ironically, the Nolita ads coincided with the Ministero della Salute’s new Nurse Betty campaign Pane, Amore e Sanita, designed by none other than Toscani . . .


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  1. The nurse photo is horrible- she looks like a psycho and it makes “sanita\'” seem like a joke, which it more or less is in this city of Rome.

  2. Thanks for writing about that “Pane, Amore e Sanita” — I was just visiting in Italy and couldn’t figure out what that meant, but that woman’s creepy face was everywhere!

  3. very Nurse Betty, which I think is half of Toscani’s joke. And perhaps the other half is the disparity in Sanita through out the country. Hygiene in some parts simply means Hi.

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