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Word Reference

The following comment was made on my last post:

Anonymous said…

i dont want to be a party pooper, and i love your blog.. but im pretty sure “little fly” in italian is moscherina with an h. but i could be wrong.

Thanks, Anonymous, for reminding how much I love dictionaries, google and WordReference. I cannot get enough of this super multi-language dictionary site and cross my fingers that they will create a free iPhone application. You have no idea how many times I’ve been caught with the proverbial pants down as I switch from English to Italian and vice versa when happily chatting away idiomatically– raining cats and dogs? camicia e culo, anyone? Instead of beating around the bush with lengthy explanations of idioms, I prefer to be a tuttologo and read WordReference’s forum discussions where desired language-equivalent expressions run rampant and are not word-for-word translated.

As for party pooper (rovinafesta), the correct word is moscerino, a tiny fly cousin to Drosophila melanogaster.

PS. I feminized it.



2 comments on “Word Reference

  1. Ah! Don’t you just love it when someone corrects you with something they’re “pretty sure” about?It’s even worse than being corrected by a know-it-all three year old. Apparently, they have the attention span of a moscerino della frutta to coincide with their lack of certainty. ;o)Love, Love LOVE your sarcasm. It’s almost as if I have a sister in L.A. (formerly of Rome).Angela

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