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commitment-phobe (plural commitment phobes)

  1. A person whose is reluctant to form a commitment in a romantic relationship

Last weekend, at the wedding of my very dear friend Paulina, I bumped into a face I hadn’t seen since 2003 in Los Angeles– Tammy, Paulina’s ever-amazing hair dresser at Priv√®. (Tip: the only place to make you a ‘real’ blond).  Seven and a half years ago at an MTV party, Paulina met just-off-the-bus-from-Utah Tammy and since that moment, they have been so inseparable that Tammy was a guest at Paulina’s very quiet “family-only” wedding in the Paris country-side.

I wish this was me but it is not.

I am not so lucky.

In the nearly eight years that I have officially been in Rome, I haven’t fallen in love with that one hairdresser to continue forward in a happy, monogamist relationship.  If anything, my attitude has been more polygamist: I get around.   I have my guy for quick trims and styles,  and then a few different boys for color.  I can’t commit but a world of Good versus Bad Hair, I need to.

Good Hair is hair (style, cut, color) that you like and that you can easily work with.   In essence, Good Hair based on your rapport with your hairdresser:  i.e. consistency and trust. To simplify:

Paulina + Tammy Forever = Good Hair.  

Moi + Hair Stylists Plural = Not So Good Hair

I need to settle down.  My play list of hairdressers in Rome (centro):

Doctor Zhivago:  Javier at Rossano Ferretti, (Trinita dei Monti)  Expensive, tri-lingual and amazing in color. 
Jerry Maguire:  Rick, Noi Salon (Piazza del Popolo).  Upfront and a love for English-only speakers. 
Edward Scissorhands:  Elena, Contesta Rock Hair (Monti).  Wizard with scissors.
Titanic:  Paolo, Paolo di Pofi (Barberini).  Expensive and over-the-top.  King of Extensions.

The Natural:  Pantarei- Aveda, (Campo de’ Fiori) haven’t been to new location, awaiting feedback.  Via dei Cappellari, 36,  066 878060

The Comeback KidRoberto d’Antonio (Piazza di Pietra), redid his salon.  Colorist

7 comments on “Polygamy

  1. You might want to check out Giovanna (colorist extraordinaire) at Alberto's newly refurbished salon in Prati (Via Mordini). I can't think of a film analogy, damn it.PS: I'm a hair polygamist too, except for nails: Nadia in my Parioli-hole-in-the-wall place, rules.

  2. Elena is indeed amazing! She did my hair for the wedding, and cut it right after the honeymoon. She is the one.The only other person I would strongly recommend is Giuseppe at Alternativa uno- Piazza della Cancelleria.Amazing coloring, amazing head massage

  3. Thanks! I am trying to create a list of hairdressers with positive feedback. Giovanna is at Alberto Feliciotti?Best hair insult ever came from the mother of my ex-wife (ok Professor's ex-wife) who said to me with a smile the first time we met: "I can suggest a hair stylist…" Yes she did.

  4. You should try Marco Fava from Twenty One Hair and Makeup…he's great. Via dei Coronari, 154I go to him…Nicolexoxo

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