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Pretty Pretty, Bakerella

(the star means superstar)

Holy baking soda, Batman! I think I’ve just got a rise. . .
Mini-e’s birthday is coming up and yet again, the idea of making fabulous cupcakes for a class of 15 Italian, I-have-no-idea-what-this-magical-treat-is children pops into my head. I love the idea of introducing little cakes of joy to 8-year-olds as I have just invented them last week, which I may or may not have said at my cousin’s Giulia’s 28th birthday party when I presented her and her friends with two boxes of “homemade” chocolate on chocolate tortine di fate.
You see, I used to be a sweet talker but over the past few years, I have been accumulating baking items, like fancy cupcake liners, silicon baking cups, baking soda, whisks and cupcake recipe books for my monthly attempts at creating the perfect cupcake. It’s common knowledge that I have been cupcake-obsessed for quite some time. Giovi and I taste test local favorites like Sweety Rome (superb pumpkin cupcake) and Sugar Shack (not thrilled) as if we were vigili. The result is that I am a cupcake snob, even known to critique New York fave Buttercup Bake Shop as a “coulda been contender but too heavy on the icing”.
The funny thing is that I am not naturally a baker– precision, organization, timing would not be used to describe moi. My cupcakes are usually lovable but odd looking pastries presented in an old Camper shoebox. (Yes, Camper boxes are ideal cupcake transport). 2010 means I want to make pretty and stylish cupcakes that are not just edible but delectable. Cupcakes that say “Your mom is cool” even by Italian, second grader standards. So, I have upped my own ante but luckily, I have found bakerella, whose name brings a twinkle to my eye.
Bakerella is the inventor of Cupcake Pop, which may be key to a successful 8th-birthday party or simply the key to my heart. Bite-sized cupcakes on a stick! Totally cute and even lick-able. Also, perfectly trickable to a bunch of 8-year-olds who probably have never even had a cupcake cross their tongues.
Will attempt Cupcake Pops this week. More to come.

4 comments on “Pretty Pretty, Bakerella

  1. Thanks a lot for introducing me to another kick butt website.My tongue says yeah, my waistline, not so much.

  2. I admit I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to cupcake pops – take a perfectly good cake and smash it up with canned frosting and cover it in fake chocolate? I think it's playing with your food a little too much, but I can see how kids would love them. I wonder if you could do it with brownies, for example, without adding any extra frosting, and dunk them in real chocolate :) Were you able to find canned frosting in Rome?

  3. Ms Adventures, I have to admit the cupcake pop scared the frosting off me. But then there is something so lovingly kitsch that I have to make these. Kind of like how i had to have a leopard print raincoat. . .ps. I'm not sure how I feel about all the bark stuff

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