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Venice Biennale

Ecco Venezia! I have finally arrived at the Biennale and am camped out in the Sala Stampa at the Arsenale, trying to figure exactly where to start. Daunting? Yes. This is not just an exhibition, this is an infestation of contemporary art all over the islands from the Biennale Giardini, San Marco and surrounding sestieri to San Servolo and Giudecca. It’s an art attack of exhhbitions– La Biennale’s country-curated pavillions, curator’s exhibitions and event spaces to the Collateral Events where non profit organziations such as Fondazione Prada have set up temporary and permanent exhibitions for 54th biennale.

And it is a parade of fashion. Though I normally do not recommend stilettos [bridges and humidity seem to counter act any heel], fashion always seems to come hand in hand with contemporary art.

3 comments on “Venice Biennale

  1. Wish I was there! I haven’t seen any good contemporary art since I don’t know when. I want to go to the graffiti show at Moca, but I don’t have great expectations. I love good graffiti, but I don’t think it survives the transition to gallery space very well. Speaking of graffiti, have you seen the work of (Italian) artist BLU? It’s absolutely amazing. Check this latest one out.
    Luv ya, and have a great bday!

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