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3 comments on “Ben Hur Live

  1. OMG! Had no idea it was scored by Stewart Copeland. Here’s a funny story: We went to the American School in London together (middle school). i think i experienced the first bits of Stewart’s drumming talent….and he drove me nuts. We used to sit at these long wooden tables at lunch (there were no more than 50 kids in our whole class). Stewart used forks, knives, bread, foil, basically whatever to tap out the percussion bits he obviously had in his head. He was quiet and loveable but his “noise” (or so it seemed) was just annoying to the teenie boppers trying to chit chat over lunch. Who would have known…. Would love to see him again.

  2. Ha! I’ve been seeing the billboards all over town and told my husband we should go (half joking). No, I actually do want to go!

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