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Pathological Fashion Sense

This is my friend Fabio.  He has a collection of red pants and then some.  And this is proof that I do not have any deep-rooted resentment against people who wear red pants as my friend Old School has suggested.  Although I just don’t get the fashion choice, I have begun to love red pants and the men who wear them.

My top four shots of the past few months for style (drain pipe!), attitude (swagger), team work and couples.

6 comments on “Pathological Fashion Sense

  1. I’ve got one for you, hot off the smartphone presses, even though he’s kinda far away bc I wasn’t too quick on the draw. Shall I email it? ;-)

    • Your photo has been posted via Instagram. I’ll link it to the red pants parade too. Love how O is just plain shocked at the bad fashion….

  2. It’s very nice! Here they are display some photos..They put it the red pants its really nice and attractive for others and new collections of pathological pants also great.

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