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24 Hours in Rome for Oryx Magazine

Here’s a bit of extra sugar to go with my morning cappuccino: 24 hours in Rome for Oryx Magazine is out!

Last month, I was asked to write about  Rome for Oryx, the inflight publication of Qatar Airways.  First of all, I was flattered, and for not just a few reasons:  Qatar Airlines is an amazing airline, Oryx is well written, has a great audience and is stylish.  Yes, it’s obvious I love writing about Rome.  And finally, I have a slight crush on Patrick Hruby and his illustrations.  Please take a look at the piece and enjoy Hruby’s Rome.

Check out the Rome feature at Oryx Magazine, or in pdf/print ready version at Agency Fish/Oryx Magazine website (page 34-5).

2 comments on “24 Hours in Rome for Oryx Magazine

  1. Bellissimo Post and article for Oryx, very classy. I love Patrick Hruby’s drawing. I’ve never heard of him before, thanks for the introduction.

    • So glad I could introduce him to you! Loved your post on birthday parties! I’ve always found slumber parties to have a bit of cultural confusion. One word: PANTOFOLE!

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