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Rome’s Al Moro, a Love Letter on Fathom

My love letter to the fabulous Fathom travel website is all about Al Moro, my favorite restaurant smack in the center of Rome.  Fathom was conceived and, hell, birthed by Pavia Rosati for those who love to get out, get around and share their experiences.  Every since I caught a peek of its splash page before its debut (a glossy shot of kids jumping into a pond/pool in Siem Reap?), I knew I would be hooked.  And once it was unleashed, I was.  My personal favorites of the postcards and guides are the Best Day Ever pieces that give a bit of insight not just into a city but the writer.  I’m already planning a trip to Dallas.  The Fathom team is an international collaboration of writers, experts, enthusiasts, and chatterboxes.  Take a look.


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