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Snow falls on Campo

February 2, 2012
The mayor of Rome has declared all schools in Rome to be canceled for Friday February 3, oddly reminding me of ears glued to KYW1060 News Radio for Montgomery County 302.

Here is what followed over the next 24 hours in Campo de’ Fiori…

Campo: 11am and it's Snowing!

Campo: 5pm Zamboni hour

Campo: 7pm ski-time

Campo: 5:30am insomnia

Campo: 9am still snow…

Snow for Two

Winter Wonderland: The Professor’s adventures across a snowy Rome.

2 comments on “Snow falls on Campo

  1. Simply unbelievable – I’ve been to Rome just a month ago, and couldn’t possibly imagine that Campo might look like this! Thanks for sharing the wonders of Rome winter, and hope you’ll stay safe in warm until the weather returns back to normal.

  2. I can†t complain though because the downtime was a nice break from the overwhelming adjustment to campo life.

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