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Venice Biennale, Rain or Shine

Breathe. Marc Quinn. Fondazione Cini.

For the past three days, I’ve been walking around Venice  in rain and shine and sometimes a pair of Converse One-Stars as I soak in the 55th Venice Biennale: The Encyclopedic Palace.  The Arsenale, Giardini and collateral events have been amazing.  And the people-watching has been fabulous.  The rain hasn’t held back any fashion- if anything, it seemed to bring out the highest of heels. And even though the Biennale can be all about luxury (Sea Force One was docked and ready for partying), I bumped into Maurizio Cattelan on the vaporetto and Eva & Adele in the Arsenale, again just around town.  No matter what, this year’s overall vibe is playful- in art and fashion. Updates and articles coming soon.


Danae. Vadim Zahkarov. Russian Pavilion.

The Encyclopedic Palace. Marino Auriti. Arsenale.

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