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It is always a pleasure to wake up on a Friday morning to freshly squeezed orange juice, a frothy cappuccino and my writing in print. Today was a double dose of, well, moi.  Earlier in the year,  Discovery Magazine (Cathay Pacific’s newly made over magazine) asked me to contribute a piece about underground Rome.  Easy since the Professor spends more time subterraneous than above ground, right?  Since Underground Rome is one of our favorite dates– and I don’t just mean historically– it was a pleasure to walk through the sites and write about them.  Please enjoy my article Secrets Uncovered— and thank you, Darius Arya, Paul Bennett of Context Travel, Adriano Morabito of Roma Sotterranea and Agnes Crawford of Understanding Rome for liking all of this as much as I do, and even more.

Wait, before you go, I did mention there were two articles.  #2 is my review of Byblos Art Hotel, Verona, for Oryx Magazine. I  consider Byblos Art Hotel the physical embodiment of my heart’s desires-  beautiful contemporary art gallery in a 16th century palazzo.  In pdf/print ready version at Agency Fish/Oryx Magazine website (page 28).

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