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Look, Ma, I’m on TV! Me + The Travel Channel Metropolis

I’m going to be honest- I don’t like photos of myself so why would I agree to be interviewed for the Travel Channel Metropolis? And if I got over my self-consciousness and shyness, why oh why would I ever agree to talk about porchetta? Maybe I just wanted to take hold of my fifteen minutes with a savory sandwich… or maybe I wanted to be part of a great show about Rome, that would also include my better, ancient half, Darius Arya… all I know is that I got over myself and did it.  If you are in the US, please take a look at the travel channel and let me know how my close up was…

Here’s the synopsis:  Metropolis stars reveal Rome as you’ve never seen it before. How did secret ingredients and an ancient recipe build the first metropolis? Also, learn how American GIs helped create an iconic pasta dish.

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