Find Me In The News…


Find Me In The News…

Talking Travel with . . .  Erica Firpo (Luxe City Guides) March 2022

Trailblazing Travel: Featured Explorer (Airheart Travel) February 2022

Postcard from Rome (Extra Virgin Food and Travel) Summer 2021

Colosseum, Catacombs & Gelato in Rome (We Travel There) Fall 2021

Katie, Elizabeth, Erica … influencers a Roma (Corriere della Sera) January 2021

Roman Food with Erica Firpo (Smart Mouth) Spring 2020

Secrets of Rome with Erica Firpo (Untold Italy) 2020

Red Carpet a Venezia September 2020

Venice Meets Spring 2020

What our City Editors are Doing (Washington Post) March 2020

International Woman’s Day 2020 (LuxeCityGuides) March 2020

How to Shop and Cook Like a Local in Rome (Washington Post) Video January 2020

Meet the Editor (LuxeCityGuides), December 2018

Influencer Marketing, May 2018, Panel Moderator

Lezioni di Influencer Marketing, March 2018, Università di Urbino

#ExperienceRome Quattro Inviati Speciali a Roma (TurismoRoma) January 2018

Where You Should Travel in 2018 Based on Your Favourite Cocktail (Days to Come) January 2018

10 Places You NEED to Go in 2018, According to Travel Experts (Reader’s Digest) November 2017

Interview with Travel Journalist Erica Firpo (Peroni Italy) July 2017

5 Tra I Migliori Travel Blogger Made in Italy (SnapItaly) May 2017

EasyJet, April 2017, Feature: 24 Hours in Rome, Instagrammer and Journalist (page 100)

Women@Forbes Interview: Rome Expert (Forbes) February 14, 2017

Interview: Erica Firpo (Fotografia Moderna) January 31, 2017

Feature: 8 Top Digital Media Influencers in Italy (La Repubblica) August 22, 2016

Video Interview:La presa del Colle: L’invasione degli Instagrammers al Quirinale *I appear at 1 minute 25 seconds (La Repubblica) May 22, 2016

Feature: Il Quirinale “segreto” negli scatti di Instagrammers (La Repubblica) May 22, 2016

Feature: Solitudine dell’Arte (La Repubblica) December 12, 2015

Interview: Italians ooh and aah as the Trevi Fountain once again gurgles and gushes (PRI) November 3, 2015

Feature: #Blessed, Lucky Tourists Get to Photograph Empty Vatican (Condé Nast Traveler) October 29, 2015

Feature: Instagrammers get the Vatican to themselves (The Guardian) October 29, 2015

Feature: Italy’s Instagram Pioneers (La Repubblica) October 6, 2015

Video Interview: All the Pretty Birds (Tamu TV) September 2015

Interview: “#AskaLocalite” (BBC Travel) March 27, 2015

“50 Reasons to #LoveTheWorld”, guest contributor, feature photo No. 21 (BBC Travel) March 9, 2015

Panel speaker for the representation of the city’s candidacy to UNESCO Creative Cities (City of Alba) February 20, 2015

Instagram feature #guardiantravelsnaps guest contributor, feature photo (The Guardian) December 25, 2014

Feature interview (Italian) Colazione italo-americana: intervista a Erica Firpo (Iocominciobene) December 2014

AFAR: #afarinthewild, August 2014

BBC Localite: sharing real-life Rome for BBC Travel, ongoing Twitter and Instagram project, July 2014

CNN Instagram Challenge: The Stories Behind Public Murals – feature photo ( December 17, 2013

Lavazza Espressgo Instagram and Twitter project, December 2013

Saluting The World’s Best Sandwiches – feature photograph (, November 3, 2013

“Travel Vine of the Week”, featured vine (SFGate) September 2013

“15 Photos that Pop with Color” featured photo (Mashable) August 2013

Erica Photo by Sam Horine, April 2013 “Mark Zuckerberg fails to tip, should you?”, May 2012

“Weirdest Christmas Traditions from Around the World” (Yahoo UK Lifestyle) November 2011

Stephen Evans (BBC – Lonely Planet Travel) August 2011

Interview at EyeOnItaly, February 2011

Gelato is Heaven in Cup by Susan Spano (Los Angeles Times) August 7, 2008

La Dolce Vita, Both Day and Night (New York Times Travel) February 12, 2008